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Howard Zinn: A People's History of the United States
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Howard Zinn: A People's History of the United States

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Comments (13)

Anonymous picture

This is certainly the type of documentary that promotes critical thought and the importance of developing historical consciousness. I highly recommend it, especially for those seeking to eradicate ahistorical perspectives.

Anonymous picture

Excellent production. Nicely enhances his phenomenal book.

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Elizabeth avatar

Brilliant!! Thumbs up.

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william avatar

Simple minds believe this will ever change. Joe Hill song admirably played.

Anonymous picture

Everyone should see this film and know the truth of the exploitation of capitalist system. The American people have been turned into robots!

Anonymous picture

Zinn and truth are mutually exclusive. His work is an excellent piece to use in the classroom, but not because it is historically accurate (because it's not). While textbooks sit on one end of the indoctrination spectrum, Zinn's sits on the other end. The truth, as most historians know, lies ...Read more

Anonymous picture

All of the events portrayed here are corroborated by other sources. Nothing here has been pulled out of thin air.

Anonymous picture

Hi, So which part is untrue? Did Frick order Pinkerton mercs to shoot workers or not. Did Rockefeller order soldiers to shoot and kill 66 "rebels" or not.
I just went to the Frick Collection in NYC and my niece works at Rockefeller Center so we took the tour. I'm serious, please tell me ...Read more

Phillips avatar

Please give some non-trivial examples and copy

Anonymous picture

Would love to know if this person actually followed through to back up their claim. I suspect that they did not.

william avatar

American people are in.danger of severest persecution unless they stay deaf,dumb and blind...and safe in slavery and delusion. Same in.Canada and.U.K..