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House on Haunted Hill
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House on Haunted Hill

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Comments (10)

Anonymous picture

Good watch, cast is great and it strikes a good balance between fun and mysterious/dark.

Anonymous picture

It's great that we can see great films like this one.

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Anonymous picture

This vintage true crime documentary dives unapologetically head first into the dark underbelly of 1959. Alcoholism, psychopathy, "vitamin shots" ( know, like the ones they gave Eddie Fisher )...wait, what? It's not?!? Somebody WROTE those "lines". Oh dear. That explains the exterior ...Read more

Anonymous picture

very pleased they don't make such poor films now.

Anonymous picture

Perfect balance of horror and cheese.

Anonymous picture

Classic. Really enjoyed this! great movie for Halloween time.

Lauren avatar

I saw the 90's remake of this film when it was in theaters and didn't enjoy it, even as a teenager so I was pleasantly surprised to find that the original version is fantastic!

Vincent Price and Carol Ohmart are darkly hilarious as an eccentric wealthy couple who despise each other, ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Classic Vincent Price movie.

Anonymous picture

More of a mystery by the end than an a horror film but it's a fun classic and Vincent Price can do no wrong!