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Hitler's Hollywood
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Hitler's Hollywood
German Cinema in the Age of Propaganda

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Comments (5)

Anonymous picture

did not establish themes, particularly, but snapshots of things occurring in various different movies. helpful if you want the details of the movies made during the reich; less so if you're really trying to get any coherent sense of the culture and values it promoted through film.

Anonymous picture

Narrator's voice seesaws from tolerable to creepy...and back.

Anonymous picture

Film clips moves too fast & gets jumbled. Too many clips race by at speeds that you can't really follow. Did enjoy a few segments with Ingrid Bergman . Historical, yes. Enjoyable, EH.

Anonymous picture

I did not find the film to be a particularly coherent statement about Nazi era films. Many of the films are worth seeking out. The Effie Briest film (whose title I forget), La Habanera, Der Mann der Sherlock Holmes war, Grosse Freiheit Nr. 7 come to mind. Of those Kanopy only offers La ...Read more

Lindsay avatar

HITLER'S HOLLYWOOD tells us this: a film is an excavation site upon a collective dreamscape. This haunting, dizzying, fascinating documentary illustrates the way cinema is a revelator of our unconscious desires, and indeed, of the ideology that shapes these desires.

Studying the long ...Read more