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Henry Ford
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Henry Ford

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Comments (3)

Cheryl avatar

Henry Ford asked my great grandfather to go in with him on his new invention. My GG, the conservative capitalist he was, turned him down citing that nothing would replace the horse. This is a good compendium of what HF was really like.

Anonymous picture

This is a fairly run of the mill piece about Henry Ford. Though I wish they spent more time on Ford's entrepreneurial achievements, I am grateful they touched considerably on his shameful antisemitic beliefs, outright paranoia and his troubling relationship with Edsel (and society in ...Read more

Caleb avatar

Wow, lots of interesting information about Henry Ford! I'm going to use this as a source for an essay. It's really awesome how he created the assembly line to mass produce cars, and interesting how he had a big ego with the Model T and didn't want to let it go. Also, I had no idea he was so ...Read more