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The Happy House
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The Happy House

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Comments (9)

Anonymous picture

Really stupid

Anonymous picture

I too wanted to like this movie, so I watched the whole thing. Didn't get any better.

Anonymous picture

Most movies can't hit all the right keys for success. However, there are some that try and have a few good nuggets to take away from. This movie, can't muster any. I hope they don't call themselves filmmakers, because they are not! I don't want to blame them entirely because I am more deeply ...Read more

Anonymous picture

So bad it may become a cult movie like "Attack of the killer tomatoes"

Anonymous picture

Haha, pretty funny and enough scare.

Anonymous picture

I wanted to like this movie. I really did. I couldn't get past the first 15 minutes though because of the acting. I may come back and give it another chance, because it sounds so promising, and hopefully the acting gets better the further in you go.

Lauren avatar

A very unique film! Most "horror comedies" are either very silly or very dark and Happy House is neither. It is more like an indie dramedy that happens to turn into a horrific situation in the end. The character development and acting are very good and the pacing is very deliberate but it ...Read more

Anonymous picture

The Happy House has proved to be a far more divisive film than I ever anticipated. Often I think I understand some of the reasons for this, and in some ways it's the film succeeding to a revealing degree. Many people are discomfited by its mischievous refusal to provide the usual horror ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Your note convinced me to give it a view.