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Exploring Language and Culture through Chinese Typography

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Comments (5)

Anonymous picture

I love listening to the Mandarin, but I found it difficult to both watch and to read the subtitles. The jazz music background was another layer that I found distracting. Just having a bad day, maybe. :)

Anonymous picture

HAH this was a great doc, not just about font history and design, but just great listening practice for any Mandarin student haha. And there's a classic Mac near the end!

Anonymous picture

Agreed. Hahaha you beat me to it.

Anonymous picture

a lovely documentary on the status and challenges of modern Chinese typography design. I very much miss looking at beautifully written Chinese characters that are aesthetically pleasing by themselves. I find it lovely that the font designers in Taiwan are designing a font that represents ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Lovely film with loud unnecessary generic elevator music intro soundtrack that covers voices, obstructs story, and almost makes the rest of the movie almost unwatchable. Too bad. Just skip the first 2 minutes.