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The Grace Lee Project
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The Grace Lee Project
Deconstructing an Asian-American Stereotype

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Grace Lee

Growing up as an Asian American in the Midwest, I always thought I was unique. An original. When I started discovering that my name was a dime a dozen, and even a stand-in for the stereotypical hard working, overachieving Asian American, I knew I had to uncover why that set off an unexpected ...Read more

Anonymous picture

A well-crafted film with a series of thoughtful and delightful humor! I especially loved the visualization of an average Grace Lee--her average age, height, years of taking piano lessons and skin type! This film is truly authentic and unique in all the best sense of the word. Thanks!

Anonymous picture

Such an entertaining, funny look into identity, independence, and what it means to be an Asian-American woman!

Anonymous picture

This is a great story about having the courage to be you (:

Anna avatar

Loved this hilarious and accurate portrayal of the Korean American experience! Perfect film to celebrate May's Asian Pacific Heritage month!