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Good Manners
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Good Manners
As Boas Maneiras

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Comments (9)

Anonymous picture

Impossible not to compare to Wolf Children though obviously they're very different. That's the only other film I know of with a similar basic premise though. Anyway, very beautiful and sad and unsettling.

I'm a bit confused by the fact that Kanopy has not listed it as LGBT though?

Minami avatar

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! This film has been added to our LGBTQ Cinema collection.

Anonymous picture

<3 Thank you!

Anonymous picture

Surprisingly good. Not for everyone. Kept me interested. Good acting and unique telling of werewolf tale without all the cliches.

Anonymous picture

A very surreal fantasy/horror film. Very dream-like. Beautiful sets and Clara's performance is amazing. Sad and beautiful at the same time (but what horror story isn't). A fitting ending.

Anonymous picture
Mei Mei

I love this film. I continue to remember and feel it. It is two love stories, Clara loving first Ana and then her son whose mother and protector she becomes. Isabel Zuaa is phenomenal as Clara. The scenes of Sao Paulo, almost always at night, are dreamy and fairy-tale like. Powerful ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Interesting. Kept my atention

Anonymous picture

Difficult to hear.

Frank Sherman avatar
Frank Sherman

My first thought is this. It's very obvious to me that BRAZILIAN PEOPLE NEED TO MAKE BRAZILIAN FILMS. This was a big oversight on the production staff. I was in my seat, I watched this movie 136 minutes of it in fact. ANd I was very diappointed by many things. Let me make my list. ...Read more