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The Life of Comedian Gilbert Gottfried

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Comments (3)

Anonymous picture

It was great to see Gilbert the brother/father/husband/son, in those moments where he's not performing. The man is an Icon for those that respect how hard his job is, and this flick is a very warm welcome into a slice of his regular life.

Anonymous picture

When he is gone, we will look back at him as we do Carlin, Prior, Williams, or Bruce.
Mark my words, to always be jumping with out a net isnt for people of lesser genius and hard for those who may not see it to do so untill he is gone. I have seen it for decades....

Anonymous picture

Nothing mindblowing or revelatory here, but fun to watch if you're a fan of Gilbert. I appreciated that the various talking heads interviewed didn't try to make him out to be a victim in the whole Twitter scandal. Overall a pretty evenhanded, honest portrayal. 3 stars