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A Different War
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A Different War
Episode 2 of Generation War

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3 episodes in this series

Episode 1 A Different Time
On the eve of the Russian invasion in 1941, five German friends gather in Berlin before going separate ways: army lieutenant Wilhelm, his intellectual brother Friedhelm, nurse Charlotte, Jewish tailor…
Episode 2 A Different War
As the war progresses, the soldiers realize they are not fighting the war that they expected. Charlotte and Greta must live with the consequences of their choices, and Viktor and…
Episode 3 Generation War
The German army begins to retreat from the Eastern Front, and all five friends must decide who to side with in order to survive and fulfill their pledge to reunite…

Comments (3)

Anonymous picture

Excellent. Surprised that this ran on German TV -- maybe their audience is more mature than ours. The only less-than-realistic part was that dealing with escape from the train: only a tiny few were able to do that.

Anonymous picture

Excellent series. Well worth watching.

Anonymous picture

In German, this is a German WWII "Band of Brothers" three part miniseries. Superb, in every way, with a storyline depicting an honest portrayal of the horrors the Nazis inflicted upon their victims, as well as the torment and guilt felt by some of the soldiers who fought for the 3rd Reich. ...Read more