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At the Fork
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At the Fork
Grappling with the Morality of Farming Animals for Food

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Comments (4)

Anonymous picture

not hard to watch like Earthlings and Lucent, yet still informative. eating plant based is the best thing you can do for your health and animals, and second best for environment. not having biological children is the best

Anonymous picture

This was a very easy to watch and looks at animal treatment in the meat producing industry. It's not pushy at all on the "don't eat meat" it shows the many different ways meat is produced and those conditions and asks the question, do you support this way? or this way? or not at all?. It ...Read more

Minami avatar

Informative, and a bit difficult to watch at times because of the treatment of the animals at some of the farms. I like that the film did not force the viewer to think eating meat is evil, but instead demonstrated ethical alternatives.

Anonymous picture

The last scene of the pigs in the state fair brought me to tears. I could just imagine the sadness the kids left when having to part ways with the pigs.