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First Contact
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First Contact
Part of the Series: Highlands Trilogy

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First Contact
This is the classic film of cultural confrontation that is as compelling today as when it was first released over 20 years ago. When Columbus and Cortez ventured into the…
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This film is the followup of First Contact. It traces the fortunes of Joe Leahy, the mixed-race son of Australian explorer Michael Leahy, in his uneasy relationship with his tribal…
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Black Harvest, the final film in the Highlands Trilogy, charts the progress of Joe Leahy in convincing the Ganiga tribespeople to join him in a coffee growing venture. He provides…

Comments (3)

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Manuel David

"Civilisation and progress" this cultural religion that many take to be objectively valuable is the reason why we can destroy human diversity and feel proud about it. Scary as hell the European tribes are!

"the last region left Unexplored" that is to say, left unexplored by the only ...Read more

Anonymous picture

watch the doc you pompous ass.

Anonymous picture

Fantastic and fascinating.