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Fireworks Wednesday
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Fireworks Wednesday

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Byravan avatar

Touching and informative Iranian film about domestic strife. It is not lkie ours in the US where strife is frequently violent physically and verbally. I have had enough of that. This story line tells us the pain of a wife and mother Mojdeh as well as her not so happy husband, Samii brought on ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Yes! I had seen A Separation so when i came across a film by same director it was instantly my choice. Also excellent and subtle. Will take Yael's suggestion to research background events.

Anonymous picture

Excellent film! Helpful to obtain a little information on Nowruz (Iranian New Year) and Chaharshanbe Suri prior to viewing so that you can better understand how the setting serves the film's themes. Farhadi excels at depicting complicated family relationships. Well worth your time!

Anonymous picture

fantastic! Farhadi at his best