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Fear and Learning at Hoover Elementary
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Fear and Learning at Hoover Elementary
The Denial of Education and Health Care to Undocumented Immigrants

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Comments (3)

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I grew up in this neighborhood and I had friends like Mayra. I too, saw my friends get shot. I am now a teacher and I am thankful for this film!

Anonymous picture

I just found this film. I'm a college student hoping to become a teacher. I have no idea who might see this comment but I want to thank the filmmaker. I looked this film up because its a film I will be watching in one of my courses. When I saw the title I recognized the elementary school name ...Read more

Anonymous picture

When my family came from Mexico we were very, very poor. Education defines America for me, in a sense. It’s the ideal I subscribe to — that’s why I became a teacher. If the whole world could see my students or their lives, could see how great they are, and felt as inspired by them as I do, ...Read more