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O'Hare Seminar Hosted by Dr. Robert D. Putnam
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O'Hare Seminar Hosted by Dr. Robert D. Putnam
Episode 5 of Our Kids

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5 episodes in this series

Episode 1 Making a Difference
We spotlight the importance of mentors illustrated in stories like that of a police detective starting a free judo school to "bait and switch" kids onto a better path. A…
Episode 2 Four Communities Tackle the Child Equity Gap
Children living in fractured homes and poverty can't achieve equally with children who are financially and emotionally secure. Underserved children need extra services to be competitive. Equal is not Equitable.…
Episode 3 I'm Special - Detroit's Education Crisis
With deteriorating classroom conditions and the worst test scores in the nation, this alarming episode casts its eye on the current educational crisis in Detroit. In this cautionary tale, both…
Episode 4 A Breath of Hope
Giving hope to the hopeless dominates the stories in Seattle, WA and Columbus, OH. Among those spotlighted are: a program to reform the foster care system, and an organization reuniting…
Episode 5 O'Hare Seminar Hosted by Dr. Robert D. Putnam
A roundtable discussion, led by host Dr. Robert D. Putnam of the Our Kids Series, with leaders from some of the communities featured in the series. A progress report on…

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