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Exploring the World: Morocco Part 1
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Exploring the World: Morocco

Rabat is the modern capital of Morocco but its history dates back to the 7th century. Here we visit the Mohammed V mausoleum; the Hassan Mosque, the most famous landmark in Rabat; next we explore the old city, the Fes-el-Bali medina, known for its various souks, or markets; then to the Fez el Jedid, the newer part of the city, which is home to the Royal Palace and the Mellah section of town; also we see Medersas, Islamic schools.

In Marrakesh, the capital of the Moroccan south, we explore the Imperial Gardens. Fatma, famous for its seven waterfalls. We take in Fantasia, an exciting festival held in Meknes, which is an example of traditional folklore in Morocco that dates back in time for thousands of years. Lastly, we visit Agadir, not only a flourishing trading and fishing port, but also a modern seaside resort area.

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