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Five 8 Minute Video lessons hosted by native speakers who teach viewers correct pronunciation. The main method employed is phonics which implies that pronunciation should be one of the first things to learn in English. The audience is taught to pronounce separate sounds, phonemes, diphthongs, etc. with the help of simple words and word combinations.

The program is intended for viewers with elementary and pre-intermediate levels who are just taking their first steps in learning English. Each program has a clear structure:

  • Theory - the host introduces the main topic of the lesson, focuses on it and explains in theory how the sounds should be pronounced;
  • Practice - native speaker pronounces each phoneme separately and provides elementary examples, the viewers are given opportunity to repeat each word or sound after the host and see examples on the screen.

However, the phonetics is not the only aspect considered during the program. After practicing pronunciation, the viewers learn about certain lexicological peculiarities of English (English homonyms, for instance) with the help of the simple examples.

Finally, the host gives a brief overview of phraseology by explaining the history of origin and meaning of the certain idiom.

In "Say It Right" the attention is paid to several key language aspects, such as: phonetics, phraseology and lexicology, which makes the program useful not only for beginners but also for people with high levels of English, who will consolidate their previous knowledge.

During each "Say It Right" episode the viewers will:

  • Learn the rules of English sound articulation;
  • Practice pronunciation of 1-3 English phonemes with the help of native speaker;
  • Improve their listening skills;
  • Learn one idiom, its meaning and etymology;
  • Study the basics of English lexicology and its peculiarities;
  • Learn spelling of English homonyms which will help to avoid possible mistakes in future;
  • Enrich their vocabulary.

With "Say It Right" the viewers will learn correct pronunciation easily and will enrich their knowledge of English lexicology and phraseology.


Running Time
80 mins
Nb videos
10 videos included