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I usually find horror films childish and uncreative, this one is not a big exception but I have to say is more interesting than many out there. Is not very clear what really happened, or if someone is trying to hide something or they really are too concerned about what people might say about ...Read more

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Devastating, terrifying and at times brilliantly funny. This film is a masterpiece. Creepy note: Wrona hung himself in his hotel room during the 2015 Gdynia film festival where the film was being screened,

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My Big Fat Bourgeois
Polish Wedding! Special guest:
disinterred dybbuk.

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This is an excellent meditation on the persistence of evil, experienced both subjectively (as guilt) and objectively in the form of a demonic entity (dybyk). The movie shifts in tone, effectively, between the horrific and the humorous, ultimately merging the two into a coherent work of art.