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Dear Zachary
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Dear Zachary
A Letter to a Son About His Father

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Comments (5)

Anonymous picture

One of the most heartbreaking and touching documentaries I have ever seen. Every other documentary has this to beat. The injustice has me trembling with rage every time I watch it.

Anonymous picture

One of the best documentaries I’ve seen — 5 stars

Pamela avatar

Watched this when it first came out. Just thinking about it still brings me to tears. That beautiful baby boy.

Anonymous picture

I thought this movie was about cartoons.

It is not about cartoons and it is definitely not funny.

Lauren avatar

This film is so completely heart-breaking. It is such a tragic story that could have been prevented if not for massive failures on the parts of the US and Canadian law enforcement/judicial systems. A stunningly personal and intimate portrait of a family torn-apart.