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Dawson City: Frozen Time
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Dawson City: Frozen Time
The Buried History of a Gold Rush Town Found on Nitrate Film

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Comments (14)

Michael avatar

Wow. This was a great idea.

Anonymous picture

This is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. The backstory is amazing but the way they use many of the saved, old silent film clips to tell the story of the Yukon and the history of nitrate film is fascinating!

Anonymous picture

mesmerizing. strange and tender and fascinating. no narration, only music and beautifully damaged, haunting images that flicker over the viewer like a dream.

Anonymous picture

Deeply, deeply moving

Anonymous picture

One of the most incredible documentaries or films I've ever seen.

Anonymous picture


Anonymous picture

So glad these historic films were saved and brought back to life. Amazing story!

Anonymous picture

Incredible labor of love, weaving this majestic story of birth, death, rebirth, fire, ice, gold, construction, destruction, reconstruction –– all of it captured in a kind of time travel film that ultimately refused to be lost. The ferocious human endeavor of stripping the land for it's ...Read more

Anonymous picture

well worth watching; so important to have those films salvaged and archived

Anonymous picture

Fantastic. Geographic history and cinematic history all in one package. Haunting music.

Anonymous picture

I cannot recommend this movie/doc enough. Utterly fascinating, especially if you are a movie/history buff. Well executed on all counts. Just sit back and let the visuals and music envelope you like a warm blanket.

Anonymous picture

Haunting...gorgeous...moving...dreamlike. Lovely score. A true window on the past.

Anonymous picture

After suffering through this documentary I now understand why the studios didn't want their films back. Silent movies = boring. Documentary done in the style of a silent movie with annoying background music = unbearably boring.

Anonymous picture

The story, the editing, and the score mesh to create one of the most beautifully elegiac films I've ever experienced. The qualities of W. G. Sebald expressed cinematically. An extraordinary film. Gosh....