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Crazy Horse
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Crazy Horse
The Rehersals and Performances at a French Burlesque

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Comments (7)

Anonymous picture

This is a sexy good time.

Joseph avatar

Is Le Crazy Horse a tourist trap or a cabaret of tasteful eroticism? While Wiseman's film favors the latter, the film was produced in association "Crazy Horse Productions" (same ownership as the subject at hand), so one should keep that in mind.

In typical Wiseman style, there is no ...Read more

Aric avatar

Wow. WoW. WOW! Watch this and your idea of what art is will evolve. Enjoy!

Anonymous picture

Fantastic film, such class, talent, creativity, imagination and dedication.

Anonymous picture

This was so enlightening and beautiful to watch. I had never seen before how burlesque worked. Enjoyed it and will watch again.

Anonymous picture

The photographs of the audience that Wiseman includes in his film say everything you need to know about the Crazy Horse experience.

Audra avatar

Immaculate! Now I understand where Beyonce got her inspiration with Partition. It seemed so familiar and it now seems so tangible. When I go to Paris, I'll definitely need to see the Crazy Horse. After being in New Orleans and watching Maison Close I feel a deeper affinity for women's ...Read more