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Consuming Kids
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Consuming Kids
The Commercialization of Childhood

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Comments (10)

Anonymous picture
parenting 2.0

I know how to solve this problem, it's called proper parenting. Set boundaries for your children and do what's necessary to prevent them from being brainwashed. Stop making excuses and limit their access to the media.

Anonymous picture

It's an eye opening and incredible documentary! I'm definitely sharing.

Anonymous picture

Huge eye opener. As a parent I was in denial of this and this video made me very aware of the reality of consumerism and marketing. I am ready to make a change in my home when it comes to this problem. Thanks for the video

Anonymous picture

It was such an interesting documentary. I was hooked the whole time. It relates so much to everyday life.

Anonymous picture

Though I do feel a lot of important issues are raised in this documentary I noticed a major misuse of content as well. While discussing toys to promote media and vice versa Sesame Street was shown. Sesame Street is a non profit and therefore have no involvement in the creation or profit of ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Every point made in this documentary is true and I loved that.

Anonymous picture
C. Brown

It was really rather frightening how much the children are under the influence of companies....parents too. i agree that kids don't get to think creatively as much. Compelling video.

Anonymous picture

Having a small baby and already seeing how easily influenced he is, it's hard to imagine him being targeted by savvy advertising for commercial gain. Although there is a place for deregulation in some industries, I have ethical concerns about exploiting such a naive segment.

Anonymous picture

What do you think about limiting advertising to children under 8?

Anonymous picture

Consuming Kids is a great film by the organization I work for. Check it out.