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A Coffee in Berlin
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A Coffee in Berlin

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Comments (16)

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really good

Kristine avatar

very good

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So good. I really enjoyed it. Tom Schilling was a joy to watch. A truly understated performance. My favorite scene is when he hangs out with Marcel's grandmother for a bit. It seems like he finally got a moment of peace. If only she had some coffee to offer him.

So gut. Ich habe ...Read more

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A good movie.

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It would have been a better ending if he walked in to a Starbucks but then refused to drink the coffee.

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The best part of this film is the main character, Niko, played by the very watchable Tom Schilling and the city itself which he experiences through a string of strange encounters. Some of the people Niko comes into contact with feel like flat, side show characters, others more like authentic, ...Read more

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Spot on Denise!

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Very atmospheric and absolutely worth watching!

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Es gab kein Hakenkreutz auf der Uniform .

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What does a guy gotta do to get a dang coffee?! Great film :)

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This is a beautiful and thoughtful movie. The story takes place over the span of a few days during which Niko has to face the flaws in his past, and find a reason to change course. Tom Schilling is perfect in this role.

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love it

Iffah Suraya avatar
Iffah Suraya

alle Schauspieler sind so begabt. dieser Film hier hat mich gefreut. sehr philosophisch, gedankenvoll, berührend. ich würde es zu allen empfehlen. ein Plus ist die Jazzmusik , die im Hintergrund immer läuft.....

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Roughly translated: "all actors are so gifted. this movie was really nice. very philosophical, thoughtful, touching. I would recommend it to everyone. a plus is the jazz music, which always runs in the background ....."

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Fantastic film! This is my second viewing and I almost enjoyed it more. The characters are brilliantly written and the mood of the city is very well portrayed. Love that this was the director's thesis from film school.