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The Club
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The Club
El Club

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Comments (12)

Anonymous picture

Ugly and depressing, if somewhat believeable.

Anonymous picture

Truly sinister, just like the church.

Anonymous picture

This is NOT a comedy!!!! It seems to be a series of character studies but doesn't make sense on any level.

Anonymous picture

For all intents and purposes, "The Club" is a horror movie in which human and spiritual failure lead to more ambiguity than anyone should be comfortable with. An imperfect film, and disturbing, but it's consummately crafted and engrossing all the same.

Anonymous picture

Holy smokes - a masterpiece! And very hard to watch- but well worth it; devastating.

Anonymous picture

Great movie putting the topic of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church under the microscope. Very timely, relevant and authentic. Not sure how it ended up being tagged as "comedy". There's nothing funny, but there's some witty, sarcastic dialogue between the characters.

Anonymous picture

This is just a bad movie. There is nothing deep or profound about it. It is just plain bad. Characters with incomprehensible motivations, poor not waste your time.

andres avatar

Whoever wrote the synopsis is an idiot. What so "comic" about this film?

Anonymous picture

Good drama and interesting film.

Anonymous picture

Tormented and corrupted souls that mixed their lust with their dirty idea of God...That's what goes around celibacy and priesthood! Great movie that display the occult side of the child molester sinners inside the Catholic church. Celibacy shall be eliminated, and give priests de chance to ...Read more

William avatar

Brilliantly done but marred for me by its characters' increasingly incomprehensible motivation.

Anonymous picture

More drama than comedy, El Club is a timely film in light of the ongoing abuse scandals in the Church, but seen from the less common perspective of those sent away presumably for reflection and repentance. A Vatican enforcer and abuse victim pay a visit separately to El Club, and the calm of ...Read more