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Anonymous picture

That has hard to watch. And I knew it was coming. But it was a well-crafted story, and with the time we've had to contextualize the struggle of women in that time and industry, it's even more potent.

Anonymous picture

Every detail of that 70s decor and clothing, amber mugs, plastic ashtrays, polyester, etc was perfectly hideous!

Anonymous picture

I typically struggle with biopics and true stories because the creative liberties required to make a film always nag at me. This movie was incredibly well done, though. Sensitively and carefully told, without caricatures or emotional manipulation. Excellent performances all around. 5 stars

Anonymous picture

An excellent movie; deep and serious search for what is the truth of human nature and how human nature expresses itself in some dramatic historical events regardless of nationality, religious or other beliefs. Daring to find the truth risks losing almost everything precious in own life, and ...Read more

Frank Sherman avatar
Frank Sherman

I FR*ckin can't wait to watch this. 2019

Anonymous picture

Dialog was not authentic for the period, and cinematography is not great, so it doesn't feel like 1974 at all. Story was not well directed as a drama. Still, very much worth watching just for the strong acting.

Anonymous picture

Spellbinding and real. Brava Rebecca Hall.

Anonymous picture

Totally mesmerizing. Rebeca Hall is spellbinding and the casting of other actors and their performances plus the story and settings are brilliantly real. Such film making is so rare.

Anonymous picture

Wow. Rebecca Hall. What a performance. I first saw her in Parade's End, and I've been awed by all of her work I've seen so far.
Very depressing story, so be prepared.

Anonymous picture

A sad story but a wonderful portrayal by the vastly underrated Rebecca Hall. You're left wondering 'why'..but then again, many in Life really are.

Anonymous picture

Excellent performances all around. Very good script. The portrayal was sympathetic, but in the end, uninsightful.

Anonymous picture

I can not think of another actor who could have done this film. She really inhabited the central character. I am for sure glad I saw this film.

Anonymous picture


Anonymous picture

Excellent film. Rebecca Hall is very, very good. Christine was such an interesting and compelling character, I'm so glad to have learned about her through this.

Chai avatar

fantastic film. the soundtrack is a little unremarkable (one could easily make the argument it is to a point) but the performances by the cast, obviously rebecca in particular, are incredible. the film handles the subject beautifully. for those who don't know the story behind the film going ...Read more

Lauren avatar

An intimate telling of a very sad story. The performances were great across the board, especially Rebecca Hall. I'm interested to check out Kate Plays Christine next.

Chelsea avatar

Rebecca Hall's portrayal of Christine Chubbuck was the highlight of this film for me. Both disturbing and intriguing at the same time.