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Chinese Take-Away
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Chinese Take-Away
Un Cuento Chino

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Comments (6)

Anonymous picture

I would second the motion that Ricardo Darin is indeed "Argentina;s
National Treasure"as far as film stars far , the Secret in Their
Eyes, Truman , and this film indispensable....Whatever character Darin
plays moves me like few other actors of ANY country...

Anonymous picture

Strange but winning story.

Anonymous picture

Great movie! Humorous, moving.

Anonymous picture

It is an OK movie, fun at times. Watchable.

Anonymous picture

Love your diverse international collection! But there are sometimes problems with the films. I tried watching "Visages Villages/Faces Places" (Agnès Varda & JR) on Kanopy and had to give up because the soundtrack was barely audible. I watched it instead on Netflix, where it was ...Read more

Minami avatar

Thanks for your comment! We've reviewed "Faces Places" on several devices but have not noticed sections with inaudible soundtrack. Do you recall if there was a particular section where you heard this occurring? Please feel free to report any issues to Read more