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On Chesil Beach
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On Chesil Beach

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Comments (7)

Anonymous picture

These people are hella confused. End was real freaking sad.

Anonymous picture

An odd and difficult story to tell but, done reasonably well. Could have been better... Slow by today's standard. Good realiism... A 6 on a scale of 10...

Chelsea avatar

Saoirse Ronan is one of my favorite actors at the moment. She's remarkably talented, and her performance in On Chesil Beach is another great delivery. This film is sad, beautiful and had me captured from beginning to end!

Anonymous picture

So beautiful. Delightful and deep. Great acting and a sumptuous soundtrack. Definitely recommend!

Anonymous picture

Not good

Anonymous picture

Played well here... not a bad story and may very well happened to many marriages.

Anonymous picture

It is sad that only after 45 years he realised that the problem was neither his fiancee' gender orientation, nor her sexual desire, nor his hostile approach to the sexual freedom in marriage, but her approach to his social-economical status. I do not know how a lady can say she feels love ...Read more