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Cartel Land
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Cartel Land
Vigilante Groups Fighting Mexican Drug Cartels

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Comments (4)

Anonymous picture

I enjoyed this documentary, but the bookends seem a bit staged. It almost seem to reference Breaking Bad - a father and son, chemists, taught us. Can you just cook meth out in the open like that and then have the "best" product out there? Seems sort of staged. And if you were cooking meth ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Obviously Suzanne finds it easier to use myopia rather than vision to judge a film. This documentary is 70% in spanish and takes place mostly in Mexico. It is primarily a biography of Dr. Jose Manuel Mireles and the Autodefensas movement. As a point of erudition for Suzanne, Mexico is a ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Perhaps you're being a bit harsh on Suzanne...I don't think she was judging the film as a whole. From my perspective, it appears as if Suzanne was simply voicing her opinion on one aspect of the film. I appreciated the complexity and development of the film, but I was also left with a bit of ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Sorry, couldn't stomach the American vigilantes. The underlying sentiment of this group is racism at its worst. Not about controlling drug cartels. The man who lost his job and home during the '08 recession needs a scapegoat so he hunts brown people. The only thing that will stop the flow of ...Read more