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Carnival of Souls
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Carnival of Souls

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Comments (8)

Anonymous picture

This one's a strange little bird. Liked it a lot. Haunting.

Anonymous picture

I'd give it a thumbs up only because the low budget and bad acting (Hilligoss was fine) lends itself to the otherworldly tone of the film. Seems like it was probably an inspiration for David Lynch. I loved the dancing ghouls.

Lauren avatar

Very cool classic horror movie. Haunting imagery and an eerie organ score sets a very creepy tone. If David Lynch directed an episode of the twilight zone, it would probably be very much like Carnival of Souls. A must see for all horror fans.

Anonymous picture

Eerie, atmospheric, less than 90 minutes. Winner.

Sheila avatar

So beautiful to watch. Left me stunned.

Anonymous picture

A lousy flick. I liked the acting and camera photography, but that is all there is to this film.

Anonymous picture

Visually stunning and eerie. A cult favorite.

Anonymous picture

A bad, very bad, version of Ambrose Bierce's An Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge meets the Twilight Zone's The Hitchhiker. It may be free here but do not waste your time.