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Can We Take a Joke?
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Can We Take a Joke?

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Anonymous picture

Guess some of us learned nothing from the charlie Hebdo attack in France. Watch 'The last laugh' and learn why Jews can make fun of the horrible treatment they have endured. Humor can be, or is cultural but should be protected like all freedom of speech should be. If it doesn't make you ...Read more

Anonymous picture

They never explain what's the point on deliberatedly trying to offend people, yet they call themselves "artists". Stand-up comedy is not a form of art at all, and these guys are not even funny. The only time I laughed is when one of the guys started his sentence with "Comedy is the only form ...Read more

Anonymous picture

The issue being dealt with is very complicated, and deserves a conversation between people with conflicting views. This documentary showed an important point of view but failed to dialogue with the other perspectives.

Aaron avatar

this was highly offensive