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Brasilia: Life After Design 
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Brasilia: Life After Design 
The Utopian Capital of Brazil

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Comments (3)

Anonymous picture

Disappointing. Very little about the design of Brasilia and few details about the problems that Brasilia faces now. Mostly aimless footage of people's everyday lives with very little exposition. Example: a 2 minute scene where we watch a person listening on the telephone while sitting in a ...Read more

Anonymous picture

In "The Shock of the New," Robert Hughes pretty much skewers Brasilia - to him, the idea of "living in someone's idea" is a bad one, if the idea is the utopian, modernist one that went into the creation of Brasilia.
This documentary doesn't take a heavy hand in promoting any idea or ...Read more

Anonymous picture

This documentary is nicely done, with a mix of archival footage, modern street scenes, and individual stories. The camera captures many beautiful backdrops containing buildings, plants, water features, and reflected light. The filmmakers have managed to communicate a sense of what it would be ...Read more