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Bob the Gambler
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Bob the Gambler
Bob le Flambeur

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Anonymous picture

Fans of the genre--film noir, kind of; French New Wave, almost--will find this film a comfy fit. Too comfy, perhaps: "Bob le Flambeur" coasts so lovingly on gangster archetypes that a lot of tension is dissipated. So much so that the ending of the film isn't quite as ironic as it wants to ...Read more

Anonymous picture

So much of early PTA in this one.

Anonymous picture

Favorite gambling film ever. Brilliant direction and mise en scene.

Anonymous picture

Heard/read about this film (and Melville) for years. Thank you, Kanopy
staff. Thanks to your site (and the Cowichan branch of V.I.R.L.) I finally got an opportunity to view it.

Anonymous picture

An early lesser known good suspenseful Melville. He could not afford famous actors yet; still, it is well acted.