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Basic English Series 2

This ground-breaking Cutting Edge Basic English Series designed by psychologist Eve Ash and ESL expert Dr Fran Byrnes, can be used in a wide range of language learning situations, in classrooms and for self-study. The series can be used for learners prior to using the popular Cutting Edge English at Work Series.

All Cutting Edge English programs are built on established language learning principles and methodology. At the same time, great characters in comic situations help students (and teachers) have fun as they learn.

They engage learners through:

  • amusing situations, entertaining characters * interesting conversations with authentic language * strong storylines and high quality production * practical graded activities.

This series builds on the successful Cutting Edge Communication Comedy Series, created by Eve Ash and comedienne Erin Brown.

Running Time
66 mins
Nb videos
4 videos included

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Mr. alex

I like where can we meet: is good....sir.

Anonymous picture

I think, our library's patrons will be very happy to use these programs.