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In the tumultuous 1960s, Catholic sisters embrace the call of Vatican II, venture forth from their convents, and become leaders in the feminist, civil rights, antiwar and environmental movements. Fifty years later, U.S. nuns continue to champion those who are voiceless in society - winning over opponents with a bewildering combination of spirituality and nonviolent activism. Weaving sweeping history with an intimate look into the lives of contemporary American nuns, the film keeps returning to two sisters, whose compassion for immigrant detainees drives them to confront and change a cruel system of detention and deportation. From organic farmers to directors of inner-city holistic health centers, theologians to lobbyists, peace activists to podcasters - these sisters are living out their calling in ways their orders' founders could never have imagined.

"BAND OF SISTERS ... offers some of the more intelligent company to be shared at the movies" John Anderson, America Magazine

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People often ask me "How did I become a filmmaker?" but I think they really mean "Why did I become a filmmaker, when I was already an architect and urban planner?" Was I not sure what I wanted to do in life?

I have always loved movies and TV from the time I can remember. I also loved ...Read more

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I love you mary