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Bad Sugar
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Bad Sugar
Part of the Series: Unnatural Causes

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Comments (47)

Anonymous picture

It was interesting to see how a population's health can be affected by removing one aspect of their entire culture. They even said in the video that when their culture has been stripped from them, even trying to recreate it is nearly impossible and does not have the same impacts as allowing ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Native Americans have been treated horribly for centuries and this video just showed a portion of it. Diabetes and Heart Disease cause more fatalities in Native Americans than any other ethnicity. The poor living conditions also contribute to a high smoking, alcoholism, homicide, and suicide ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I like how the video mentioned hope and empowerment because these two factors have a great impact on the health of community because it encourages the fight for change, and the fight to protect their health. I also like how this video brings awareness on the importance of resources for a ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Native Americans have been mistreated for centuries and to see that they are still being treated this way is disappointing. Everyone in this world should have access to clean water and to see that these Native Americans still don't is alarming but not surprising.

Anonymous picture

The current and past treatment of Native Americans is ridiculous. Their culture has time and time again been put at many disadvantages because of our government. Hopefully these tribes can discover a working system to prevent so many cases of diabetes.

Anonymous picture

After being to a third world country and seeing how hard it is for them to live without running water, it saddens me to know there are people that live in this country the same way. We have made so many advancements in our society that no one should have to go through a day without being able ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I like how this video sparks a new perspective that many people would not have ever seen from otherwise. even when seeing this side of things most of us could not even begin to be able to understand what it is truly like to not have access to water, myself included. The amount of water we ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I also agree that this video is very eye opening as I did not realize how much of an impact having less water available to these tribes would be to their health. But not only did it affect their health, it also caused them to face poverty and make drastic changes in their lives. If they had ...Read more

Anonymous picture

The people in these populations have faced poverty and a change in their lifestyle. To us, it can be tough to imagine life without water because it is a luxery that we have been blessed with. Losing that water can lead to a lot of stress and can lead to a greater chance of disease.

Anonymous picture

This video was eye opening in the fact that something as simple as having less water available than before can change this tribes life in such a big way. I did not think that this water shortage could be a possible cause for diabetes.

Anonymous picture

This video, along with the others was hard to watch as well. It is striking to see what other people suffer from when you live somewhere where these problems do not affect you. I think it would be hard to live without having water because people have set up dams that go elsewhere. I never ...Read more

Anonymous picture

It was eye opening and humbling to learn that something's as basic as water is not guaranteed for everyone. The Indian population have struggled to fight for their water supply and that has directly caused their health deterioration.

Anonymous picture

It was interesting to find out that the Indian community had to go through so much just to get their water. They were told so many times that they were going to have their water supply but it never came to them. And many of them died from starvation with one known case of diabetes. Compare ...Read more

Anonymous picture

We are very blessed with the resources we have and I think sometimes we forget that people around the country and world don't have those resources. When talking about resources, that could even mean clean water. Water is very vital to live healthy and some people don't have that resource.

Anonymous picture

I think most people have studied in American History the way the European settlers pushed the Native Americans out of their lands, but this is yet another aspect of harming Native Americans without even considering the impact. While I am hopeful that changes can be made to help this group ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I had no idea that the way Arizona flourishes in their main cities and tourist spots was due to the building of the dam and ultimately the taking of water from the Pima and Tohono. Imagine how different the lives of these people had been if the U.S had done as they promised and provided the ...Read more

Anonymous picture

It's not that shocking that in the 1920s Americans did not do what they said and give water to the reservations. From history we've learned that Americans have broken every treaty or agreement that they make with Native Americans. It's sad to see so many Native Americans die of diabetes ...Read more

Anonymous picture

As I go through this series, there is an obvious connection between stress and a higher development for chronic diseases. Its saddening that something that can be controlled, creates onset for such detrimental diseases like diabetes. Especially for the Pima, who already have such a small ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I find it frustrating that in many of the videos they try to make certain things out to be the causation of the problems, when in reality they seem more to be a correlation. Such as poverty and diabetes in this video.

Anonymous picture

I did research prior to watching these clips and I was aware of the poor environment for the Pima. I am shocked that we as Americans do nothing to help the people in our country who are struggling to survive. The rise in diabetes for these native tribes does not surprise me as they eat ...Read more

Anonymous picture

It is hard to fathom that this could happen in our country. How could a city of our nation be left without water? This shortage of water resulted in starvation which killed more people in Pima than diabetes which was the main health concern.

Anonymous picture

I had no idea that these tribes were facing these hardships. I never really thought about the affects of damning up water ways and how it can hurt the life down stream. It is shocking that even have laws were passed the Pima tribe was still suffering tremendously. In the clip a researched ...Read more

Anonymous picture

It just makes me so angry. So angry that these people had to fight so hard against greed and entitlement to get their water that was stolen from them. To be able to live!! I'm glad they eventually were able to get the water flowing back! Wow.
It also makes me so angry how ...Read more

Anonymous picture

This video was powerful and it was very sad to see the impact resources have on health status, and how these individuals suffered when their resources were taken from them.

Anonymous picture

It's great to see a diabetes story in a different way. Most people don't think about how Native American live their lives. I didn't occur to me how much water affects the culture. The cities and small towns should be provided with access and resources just as much as higher end cities like ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I had no idea about any issues related to health of native american's in Arizona so this video was very informative for me. I now see how changing one thing like the water supply of these people can have a huge effect on their health for many generations. I am sure that there are many other ...Read more

Anonymous picture

This video shows how populations of Native Americans were treated unfairly, causing many problems that were out of their control. It is sad that this has happened, and really sad that not much has been done to help resolve the problems within this community.

Anonymous picture

This video really shocked me. It was so very sad to me how we could just take away an essential resource from a population that is needed for their food, money, and life. Without crops the Native Americans had nothing to sell and no fresh food to eat. They were left with junk food to live off ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I think thats terrible that building dams to help out the whites has had a generation affect on the Pimas health. It makes sense that their cultures health would suffer because they couldn't grow crops and they couldn't get their exercise by farming.

Anonymous picture

I find this video very informative because i had no idea about the problems that Arizona and native americans were facing. however, it felt very disturbing that the government had a roll in this and differentiate between its cities giving some a right and other not.

Anonymous picture

It surprises me that this tribe once was at a point where diabetes never even existed. Since there was an incident with the water system which caused Pima to become very dependent on the government. Before having to become dependent on the U.S. government, both tribes were used to more ...Read more

Anonymous picture

It is very unfortunate to see the horrible health effects decisions backed up by the government can have on a community’s health. The wellbeing of these Indian communities was not considered compared to the neighboring communities demonstrating the lack of equality in the United States. ...Read more

Anonymous picture

This video was the most disturbing because it's so similar to the events that are unfolding at the Dakota Access Pipeline. The government was/is able to take away the resources of one underserved community to benefit another. In addition to cutting off everything these Tribes needed to ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Very informative video that talks about a tribe in Arizona called Tohono O'oodham that has now 7 x more diabetes 2 issues then any other place. I was surprise to learn that at on time, this issue wasn't serious and now children know it as "bad sugar" and thinks of this problem as usual part ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I was extremely surprised to hear that the half of the Tohono O'oodham tribe had type 2 diabetes, which is 7x the rate compared to the rest of the nation. Calling type 2 diabetes "bad sugar" was interesting to me. It was probably used so that children would not worry about a disease. Their ...Read more

Anonymous picture

The thought of an area where diabetes was nearly unknown became an area that has the highest rates of diabetes is shocking and saddening. This video was very informative.

Anonymous picture

I never knew that Native American tribes have been placed in places that they have hardly any access to water and basic needs. This is extremely upsetting to think about because they should not have been forced to change the way they live and are living with many chronic diseases.

Anonymous picture

As I scroll through the comments, I cannot help but to reiterate how disheartening and infuriating this video brings to light. The Pima and Tohono O'odham Indians lack a basic human right of water, and of all places, on their native lands. Similarly to the struggles of discrimination of ...Read more

Anonymous picture

This is interesting to me, I never realized that our Native American population is facing such poor health and conditions in mass, such as diabetes. Typically, I relate a healthy, minimal lifestyle when I refer to Native Americans. It does make sense that poverty brings about these ...Read more

Anonymous picture

As many have already stated, I too, agree that this is incredibly disheartening. America placed tribes in the position and there are consequences. I had never heard of such high numbers amongst the native American tribes, regarding diabetes. I do think that it is the food. The lost 'culture' ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Native American tribes have the same right as other to healthy resources and the basic necessity of water. The Native Americans were forced into poverty and forced to change their way of living and now are greatly suffering from chronic disease.

Anonymous picture

i agree with the other posts, what a sad film! Native American tribes who
have been deprived of their traditional livelihoods and way of life, are suffering immensely!

Anonymous picture

this is very sad, the way they used to live has changed and is causing them to have unhealthy lifestyles. the fact that diabetes is high among them is very unsettling.

Anonymous picture

The Native Americans are being forced into poverty and in turn diabetes is becoming prevalent. The US should realize that the cause is not within genes, it is due to a social gap. Policies need to be put in place to lessen the gap and create equal options to avoid this phenomena.

Anonymous picture

I really feel for the Native Americans. I do not think it is fair that their land keeps getting taken from them. The government needs to do more to protect these people.

Anonymous picture

The fact that the US government has once again disrupted the lifestyle of Native Americans is unnerving. I learned a lot from this video that I was unfamiliar with before. I have heard that many Natives deal with diabetes, but I did not know that it was nearly nonexistent 100 years ago. I do ...Read more

Anonymous picture

All the information is well presented and clear.