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Ayn Rand: A Sense of Life
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Ayn Rand: A Sense of Life

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Anonymous picture

I was enjoying it until the guy says I think they had an affair...with out proof don't give me your think. That drops it down in integrity.

Anonymous picture

Ayn Rand was a crypto-fascist as well as a terrible writer. A vicious influence on American culture and politics, she wrote a shabby defense of selfishness and wealth-hoarding for the rich and powerful. A final flowering of the worst aspects of the puritanical power of the notion of "the ...Read more

Anonymous picture

She was right about collectivism IMHO. Funny, women like Elizabeth Dilling and later Elizabeth Bentley were spouting the same line at the same time, but they seemed to have been shattered by the Moscow set in NYC. Shows Rand's force of personality. Engaging documentary.

Anonymous picture

The grass is always creamier

Anonymous picture

The "state" will use us individuals for "their" "purp"oses. Democracy and Communism are not opposites. They are both rule by the "commune" ity. All governments lie. The U.S. attacks the Syrian president, using the Syrian rebels. Russia attacks the 'rebels'. Both 'purge' the oil. No surprise ...Read more

Dan avatar

I read "The Fountainhead" over 30 years ago when I decided to study Architecture and I must admit I completely missed the point. I must go back and retrace my steps now that I see how important and influential this great lady was and is . They just don't make 'em like this any more.

Dylan avatar

Whether you're a conservative or liberal, or neither, there is no denying Ayn Rand's profound influence on American politics and culture. Many leading Republicans express an almost fanatical adoration for Rand, and even those who despise her political theories admire her many important ...Read more

Kara Rae avatar
Kara Rae

Thank you for your fair-minded comment. Many people I believe misread or misjudge Ayn Rand's philosophy, and although I do not agree with much of her beliefs (knowing they would not work in our current system of party-politics) I do however appreciate her mind. Regardless if we agree with her ...Read more