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"It's the first part of the year, and they're up and running faster than I've ever seen." --Joan Moser Since its publication, teachers throughout the world have made The Daily 5 one of the most widely read books in education. Through this proven structure, teachers experience for themselves the power of students gaining independence and monitoring their own behaviors. Join Gail and Joan as they work with third- and fifth-grade teachers in two diverse Midwest classrooms where the Daily 5 has been in place for several years. As the popularity of the Daily 5 has grown, more and more students have developed experience with it; teachers now have to decide how best to build upon students' familiarity with the Daily 5 structure while addressing new content and learning objectives.

This video emphasizes the importance of starting the 10 Steps to Independence at the beginning of each year, highlights the 2 Sisters' newest thinking and learning, differentiates the Daily 5 tasks and structure, models support strategies with at-risk students, demonstrates brain-compatible lessons, and introduces and builds the link to Math Daily 3. Whether you are new to the Daily 5 or have been using it for many years, this video will be an invaluable accompaniment to your practice. Grades 3-6 Gail Boushey and Joan Moser have more than fifty years of teaching experience between them. They are the authors of The Daily 5, Second Edition; The CAFE Book; many videos; and their professional development website,

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108 mins
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