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Anonymous picture

As an abuse survivor, I really wish Kanopy hadn't categorized this as a "romance". Sure, the synopsis explains the concept, but since it was under both "Romance" and "LGBTQ Cinema", I thought it wouldn't be as upsetting as it is. The relationship detailed by this movie certainly has nothing ...Read more

J. P.  avatar
J. P.

ER Wood is an superb actor and singer...tell her Jimi says hello

Janice avatar

Wow. A wrenching tale of the devastating effects of childhood sexual abuse and how it profoundly damages the victim, rendering them unable to find the only thing they seek: love. Too close to home.

One complaint: I was distracted throughout the film by the casting of an obvious ...Read more

J. P.  avatar
J. P.

ER Wood has muscle tissue on her upper body: shoulders, biceps and back. The younger woman doesn't but she isn't anorexic for two reasons: she eats and doesn't comment on food. Also, she hasn't built up any muscle tissue due to her young age. If you've seen an anorexic person up close you ...Read more