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For Ahkeem
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For Ahkeem
Challenges Facing African American Teenagers

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A peak behind the covers of a community who's plight is often painted as an awful statistic. This film sheds a light on the humanistic side of black struggle, how the attitudes of our youth are complicated by poverty, fatherless homes and parents who trails have left them wailing for help ...Read more

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This is often the life of Black youth, the systemic injustice that was created centuries ago and still exist, puts them in a place with lack of resources, and limited options. The justice system is not to rehab or rebuild, it's to imprison and the best way they get you is that you plead ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Heartbreaking....feel so bad for these kids...their disconnection to the larger world...what seems to be apathy....Antonio fighting the self he wants to be and what he faces in his reality is just truly a heart wrenching test of the depth of being locked down your whole life. Everyone in this ...Read more

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Great movie.

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changed my life

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Incredibly touching.