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After Auschwitz
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After Auschwitz
Profiling Six Extraordinary Holocaust Survivors and Their Lives After the War

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Beautiful. Highly recommended.

Anonymous picture

An American, teenage boy asked his grandfather who survived the Holocaust and Nazi Germany, "Is it possible for that to happen in America?"

He replied, "Yes."

The boy asked again, "When?"

The grandfather answered, "Tomorrow."

An old American Jew told me that in ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Also, those 3 congresswomen have no connection with Louis Farrakhan, who I agree is a vile antisemite and bigot.

Anonymous picture

I agreed with everything you said until you said AOC, Ilhan, and Rashida.

Nazism, fascism, and the Holocaust were the product of right-wing white supremacy, hypernationalism, and antisemitism, not young women of color who are not ok with excusing every violent act of the government of ...Read more

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loved the show.

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Very moving. Triumph over terrible adversity. Highly recommended.

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What great magnitude of courage, strength, endurance, resilience and character that these women exemplified in their stories and throughout their entire lives. I thank you so much for sharing when the opportunity arose. Words spoken, film recorded are some of the most richest and tangible ...Read more