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56 Up
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56 Up

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Anonymous picture

This is an interesting format, following people from age 7 and getting their feedback every seven years after. I think I've seen almost every episode and I've enjoyed each one.

Anonymous picture

The English class system is so deeply entrenched it may never change, someone should pick up the series from Michael Apted and see it through to the inevitable end and then start again with some 7 year olds. This is a remarkable sociological event and should continue. Everyone who watches ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Most people's lives make no sense at all.

Anonymous picture

Discovered the UP series with 21 UP when I was around 21 myself and have passionately followed it since. I eagerly wait each new segment which never disappoints and always leads to some intense reflection on my own life. Fascinating ! (and an obvious influence on Linklater's BOYHOOD)

Tom avatar

The "Up Series" is without doubt one of the most fascinating social studies in film history. 56 Up is the latest in the series which documents the lives of 14 individuals starting at age 7, and chronicling their lives every 7 years thereafter. The series documents and explores their personal ...Read more