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A Moving Image
In this timely independent drama, Nina, a young artist, returns to her Brixton community after a prolonged absence. Soon after her arrival, she is painted as a symbol of gentrification, causing her to struggle with her own complicity in the…
Dear Mr. Shakespeare - Blackness, Race, and Immigration in Othello
A reinterpretation and exploration of William Shakespeare's intentions when writing Othello . The film examines the play's racial themes in a historical and contemporary setting, while drawing wider parallels between immigration and blackness in the UK today. Nominated for the…
While We Live - Medan Vi Lever
Winner of the Critic's Award at FESPACO (Africa's largest film festival) and named Best Film by an African Living Abroad at the African Movie Academy Awards , WHILE WE LIVE is a powerful narrative film about Kandia, an African woman…